TREBODUR - the mabeerial
a material-driven design project

bachelor thesis in winter 2019/2020 at Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmünd
thesis project with Niko Stoll focusing on material development and its application
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TREBODUR is a fully natural and biodegradable material being solely made from brewers‘ spent grain (BSG). It is bound by the natural amount of proteins in brewers’ spent grain. No additional binders are added. Brewers’ spent grains are the residues that accumulate from barley malt during the process of lautering while producing beer.

Beer packaging made from beer residues

Breweries can use their residues to produce eco-friendly packaging without additional logistical effort.

Compostable & biodegradable

At the end of the life cycle, products made from TREBODUR can be easily composted without residues. Due to its utterly natural origin, the material decays quickly, even on garden compost heaps. Furthermore, it is possible to add substances like minerals, ashes or even plant seeds to the material mixture to supply the soil.

Experimental material design

With the goal to develop an eco-material we set off by experimenting with different fibre materials and binders, combining them in different ways. During the process we found out about the capabilities of brewers’ spent grain.

compression moulding of
different fibre materials and binders
colouring the material
with natural pigments
Compression moulding tool
Making of
canholder prototypes