IKA IR-Temp contactless
pyrometer for chemical laboratories

spring term project 2019 at Umeå Institute of Design
3-weeks project with a focus on parametric modelling and designing for manufacturing

This being a student project was no collaboration with IKA and does therefore not resemble the brand‘s intentions.

This pyrometer is designed for the application in chemical laboratories for quick measurements on the laboratory bench. It fits perfectly into the IKA product range in terms of product language, functionality and durability. The design was done in less than a week. Subsequently, it was engineered to be feasable for production by injection molding. The project included building a fully functional prototype.

Retord stand
the holder's stainless steel rod can be attached to retord stands
for measurements in fixed positions
in hand-held usage the holder fuctions as a
keeper on the tabletop or on a retord stand
Glass interface
the interface surface is made from hardened glass with capacitive
touch buttons only interrrupted by the iconic trigger knob
IR-sensor and laser
by half-pressing the trigger, a laser beam
shoots out for aiming the measurement
a snaphook at the top of the shells holds them
together even without tightened screws
Analysing the design language
Conception & design

I explored possible designs by sketching and building several foam mockups. Finally, I froze the design of the thermometer after only 22 working-hours with a digital 2D-rendering.

Feasible parametric modelling
Functioning model

The physical model has been built to be fully functional with all internal parts.