fun physiotherapy

spring term project 2019 at Umeå Institute of Design
2-weeks group project with Nancy Tsai and Mehmet Mehmetalioglu with a focus on sound design

FIO is a wearable that helps people who got assigned to do physiotherapy exercises at home. The muscles are being tracked with electromyography by electrodes on the inside of FIO’s flexible band. FIO reminds to do exercises regularly, tracks the exercises and gives feedback by sonification and cheerful sounds. The data can be provided for the physiotherapist to get the best out of the therapy. FIO makes the recovery process much more enjoyable for both, the therapist and the patient.


FIO uses electromyography to track muscle activity in real time and translates it into sound as instant feedback while doing exercises.

“Learning to use the body well,
by playing it like a musical instrument”
“Audition has better temporal
acuity than vision”
Why patients don't do assigned exercises?
no immediate reward
Easy to forget
no reminders, no record
No feedback
mistakes are not alerted